Policy Statement



Worksmart Global Pty Ltd communicates a passion to inspire excellence in the journey of discovery. Worksmart Global Pty Ltd work with the belief we have a responsibility to initiate and support positive change in the community by having a clear purpose.

Worksmart Global Pty Ltd will provide a range of service delivery. The units / modules are rostered and arranged to provide a service that is flexible and reflective of the activities being undertaken at Worksmart Global Pty Ltd.

We are committed to ensuring that all participants gain the most from their time and learning experience and we acknowledge that some individuals may need special assistance during their training.

If you are a participant with special needs please advise Worksmart Global Pty Ltd prior to the commencement of the course, so we can arrange to meet your needs.

All Worksmart Global Pty Ltd, our staff are accredited assessors and trainers and able to deliver ASQA accredited courses. The courses are arranged to cover specific topics that are selected from the overall course. Each unit / module is completed with an assessment of the new skills the participant has received. At the commencement and during the delivery of each module you will be advised of the activities that you will need to complete, in order to be successfully assessed. The assessment method will be explained to you at the commencement and throughout each unit/module.

As part of Worksmart Global Pty Ltd’s commitment to access and equity for all participants, we are able to provide for Recognition of Prior Learning.

Recognition of Prior Learning takes into account any previous work experience, life skills, education and training that you have undergone that relates to this training course, allowing you to gain an exemption from all or part of the training. You will need to provide proof of your prior learning to gain the exemption and undergo an assessment by a qualified Assessor. Should you wish to raise this matter please contact Worksmart Global Pty Ltd.

Under the Equal Opportunity Act, Affirmative Action (EEO for Women) Act and the Anti-Discrimination Act, Worksmart Global Pty Ltd has ensured that all recruitment and training procedures are equitable and provide equal access to services. The Policies and Code of Practice are available for all personnel and participants of Worksmart Global Pty Ltd courses.

At Worksmart Global Pty Ltd we enjoy working with and training individuals to encourage career path development and individual goals.

Worksmart Global guarantees that Learners who pay fees in advance are protected by relevant legislation and are entitled and able to receive appropriate refunds if training has not occurred / withdrawal of Learner with required notice given or the organisation ceases to trade.

Worksmart Global will re-issue certifications upon request by the person who was originally issued the certification. This will cost $25.00 to be re-issued. Worksmart Global will not charge a fee for re-issue if incorrect information was originally stated on the Certificate / Statement of Attainment / Statement of Completion.