Certificate IV in Occupational Health and Safety

I recently updated my previous Certificate IV through Work Smart Global, as a OHS Consultant and Trainer I found this to be of great benefit in re awakening me to many aspects of health, safety and welfare in the workplace and the legislative changes that have happened. The Certificate IV in Occupational Health and Safety provides participants with the knowledge to enable them to meet their ‘Duty of Care’ requirements of the Work Health and Safety (WHS) Legislation that became effective from 1st January 2012.

The course covers a broad range of functions and responsibilities in the workplace including Risk Management (Hazard identification, assessing WHS risks, implementing strategies to control those risks; managing WHS information and data systems, conducting a WHS audit and evaluating an organisation’s WHS performance.

The course is beneficial to all duty holders (Persons Conducting a Business or Undertaking (e.g. employers), Officers (Usually those with control and influence over whole of organisation), Workers at all levels (e.g. employees and contractors). The course should be of specific interest to any person in an organisation who has designated WHS responsibilities, such as, Site Safety Officers, Managers and Supervisors, Risk Managers, WHS Officers, WHS Supervisors etc.

Yours in fitness, health and Safety,

Peter Kay
17th November 2012



I am writing this letter to describe the relationship between Worksmart Global and Subway and the ongoing mutual support between both organisations for several years.

One of Worksmart Global’s unique points is the ability to support my trainees to get qualified with updated industry qualifications and whilst they are working allows them not only to be qualified in theoretical practices of the industry but also makes them work ready by providing the extra component of the practical skills.

Our relationship has been one of mutual support. They take special care to ensure that the trainee is comfortable and understands the theoretical aspects of their training.

In return Subway provides trainees with a supportive, caring, practical environment to expand on the skills already learnt in theory sessions. They are then work ready at the completion of their traineeship, having learnt the theoretical skills as well as the practical skills and having an element of experience in the workplace.

I believe that this relationship is a strong mutual supportive environment for each individual trainee and I look forward to continue to developing trainees alongside Worksmart Global in the future.

Peter Johnston
Thirroul NSW


Training Needs Analysis

Conco Systems Pty Ltd (Conco) is the world leader in heat exchanger cleaning, leak deduction and eddy current tube testing services with over 85 years of industry experience. Based in Newcastle Australia Conco is part of a global group of companies servicing the world power generation, petro-chemical and refinery markets to realise efficiency and reliability gains. Conco is specifically responsible for the ASIA PACIFIC region. Following initial consultations to identify and address issues of skill shortage, Conco has developed a successful relationship with Worksmart Global. Both companies have worked on strategies to implement the development and employment of skilled and non-skilled staff in the Labour Industrial Market since 2007.

Conco and Worksmart Global have continued their relationship by implementing induction and training procedures of personnel prior to their employment in a professional manner, complying with OH&S rules and regulations through a process of induction and training.

I confirm that the relationship with Worksmart Global has been successfully interactive in the development and facilitation of employment services.

Noel Peters
General Manager
Conco Systems Pty Ltd